Practice Areas

Commercial Real Estate – We help entrepreneurs, investors and businesses with…
     • Drafting, negotiating and reviewing:
          Letters of intent
          Purchase and sale agreements
          Subordination, non-disturbance and attornment agreements
          Tenant estoppels
          Commercial leases (manufacturing, office, retail and warehouse)
          Commercial lease amendments
          Enforceability, due authorization/due organization and mortgage tax opinions
          Security deeds
          Promissory notes and financing agreements
          Personal guarantees
          General warranty, limited warranty and quitclaim deeds
          Mortgage releases
          Assignment and assumption agreements
     • Reviewing title work, surveys, environmental reports and broker’s opinions of value 


Residential Real Estate – We help homeowners and investors with...
     • Foreclosure defense
     • Negotiating foreclosure workouts
     • Breach of contract
     • Drafting and reviewing of lease option agreements
     • Breach of lease option agreements
     • Drafting and reviewing modifications for owner-financed loans
     • Homeowner association/condominium association disputes
     • Cash purchase and sale closings

Landlord/Tenant – We help landlords and tenants with…
     • Dispossessory/eviction proceedings
     • Drafting, reviewing, and amending leases and subleases
     • Breach of lease/contract
     • Cancellation and/or renewal of leases
     • Sublease disputes
     • Drafting and reviewing of lease option documents
     • Security deposit disputes
     • Failure to repair issues

Business Law – We help entrepreneurs, investors and businesses with…
     • LLC and corporation formation with the Georgia Secretary of State
     • Drafting operating agreements
     • Obtaining federal employment identification numbers from the Internal Revenue Service
     • Drafting partnership agreements
     • Resolving business disputes between partners, members, officers and/or directors


Wills, Probate and Estate Planning – We help individuals with…
     • Drafting wills
     • Preparing powers of attorney
     • Drafting advanced health care directives
     • Drafting trusts
     • Probate administration/Estate litigation
     • Contesting wills

The above list of practice areas and legal services is not intended to be exhaustive, but instead is a representative sample of the types of services provided by Watkins Legal LLC. Please feel free to give us a call to schedule a low cost consultation at 678-951-0700!